'HarshaHalgaswatta/ Better photo and file upload features in Roller blog server'

Google Summer of Code 2008 Proposal

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Better photo and file upload features in Roller blog server

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Harshajith Halgaswatta

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Project Title

Better photo and file upload features in Roller blog server


As it is just lacking a photo and file uploading mechanism in roller blog server, it would be better to have efficient mechanism to upload photos and files. The cream of having such a mechanism in point of roller view is it would support the roller users(web logger users ) in a convenient and interesting way than it is used to be as playing with images , photos ,and documents may inspire the user.

The intention of this project is to create such a attractive interface for uploading images while browsing, searching uploaded files. Further it would allow any images to be changed, resized , edit etc.



The top most interface of this photogallery should be attractive covering primary functionalities (uploading photos , images ,files ,etc) and browsing or searching those previously uploaded stuff. This interface also supply the images with resizing facility or editing facility while allowing pre stored images view in thumbnail mode.I am hoping to fulfill those requirements using Java as i am very much familiar with lot of features in java. Therefore

I suppose to give the interface with primary button like "Upload images",Then the browsing window would just appear in case of selecting the location of the images.I just supposed to allow JPEG files to be uploaded and hope to extend this facility for other formats according to the time frames.If the images are not in a suitable format it will warn select a proper image etc.This is obvious the very abstract level i am talking about.I am also participated in a web site which was responsible for so many tasks with images and photos.You can try this out http://upload.thinfile.com/upload/demo.php.Those experience would be a great tool for me in case of beneficial of this project.

I am really passionate with struts2 framework, So I hope it would not be difficult for me to integrate my logics with the server side implementation after extracting the flavour of Roller's Struts 2 action infrastructure.

Project Plan

I have broken down the project under 4 steps as follows.

Step1: Initial Planning and Designing

I would look into the current implementation of roller blog server and have the flavor under this step. It would be very important to plan and design the interface suiting to the prevailing roller blog server. Eventually I would have the skeleton of the implementation.

Estimated Completion: 26th May 2008

Step2: Implementation

According to my skeleton i would deploy my coding ability in case of achieving the objectives of the roller photogallery.

Deliverable(s): Prototype and documentation for mid evaluation Estimated Completion: 7th July 2008

Step3: Modifications and Tests

Modifications or improvements suggested at the mid evaluation would be completed in this step.

Deliverable(s): Prototype including tests Estimated Completion: 11th August 2008

Step4: Final Product and Documents

This step would complete the photogallery for roller blog server. Necessary documents would also be present with the final product.

Deliverable(s): Final product and documentation Estimated Completion: 18th August 2008


I’m a level 3 undergraduate of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I have participated in some Open Source development with MySql community. During my internship I have implemented a member section from the scratch for E-channeling private Ltd, which is the market leader of online channel booking system and first listed company in Colombo stock exchange in Sri Lanka. I implemented the whole member section which included member usage module and member administration module using java upon STRUTS2 web framework with Sun Application Server and ORACLE database server. Further I used some XML stuff in case of merchant integration for the site.

I have implemented a managements system for an Internet cafe as my level 3 programming project module at the university. It covered many areas of JAVA (Swing toolkit, Java Network programming, jdic integration, java and XML, Java mail API).I used MySql server in case of this project.

I’m really passionate in java and some web frameworks such as Struts2 and Spring. Thus I found this project really appealing as it lies on the path of my experience. I believe that I have the necessary background knowledge to make this a success. Eventually I hope that my involvement in this project would polish my software engineering skills whilst adding a whole new experience to my career.

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