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  • juddi is maybe a bit to singleton-centric. After the good old statement "there is nothing constant in
  • this world", it would be good if one could run several registries (for different purposes and with different configurations) in one server, hence to shrink the singleton aspect to maybe a single class (THE juddi service, implemented as an MBEAN)?
    • Authorization data mixed with application data:
    Since you cannot interact with juddi without connecting your security principal to publisher information, setting up a fresh registry (via ddl) needs bootstrap entries. Maybe only a minor point.
    • I would propose to separate the Juddi (web) service from the transport engine (Axis servlets) a bit more
    (maybe by implementing their relation via a dedicated JAXRPC bean?). Other wishes (but I do not want to sound as the usual naïve feature requestor as I know how much work are behind these bullets!):
  • JAXR client implementation - administration UI (e.g., web client for browsing/interacting with a remote uddi)

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