Brutus no longer runs gump!


Install the following via apt-get install:

Create gump user

Other prereqs

Optional Extra

Gump Setup

Set up /usr/local/gump/[flavour]/..., the first flavour being public:

umask 002 . /usr/local/gump/public/gump/ }}}


<Directory /usr/local/gump/public/results>


export PYTHONPATH=pwd python gump/ -w ../brutus.xml all --debug python gump/ -w ../brutus.xml all --debug }}}

Gump Farm Layout Details

Current structure is:

File System:

    /usr/local/gump -- root
    /usr/local/gump/packages -- shared packages

    /usr/local/gump/{flavour} -- e.g. public or jdk15 or test or ...
    /usr/local/gump/{flavour}/gump -- Installation of Gump
    /usr/local/gump/{flavour}/workspace -- working area 
    /usr/local/gump/{flavour}/results -- WWW site
    /usr/local/gump/{flavour}/jars -- Artifact Repository

HTTP:{flavour} ->
        /usr/local/gump/{flavour}/results -- WWW site{flavour}-jars/ ->
        /usr/local/gump/{flavour}/jars -- Artifact Repository

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