This report has been sent and remains here for reference only.

Most of the past few weeks has been filled with infrastructure stuff.

We've successfully migrated web-site, CVS module, bug-tracking and the mailing list to - many thanks to the infrastructure team for making the transition that smooth.

All Apache committers have been Gump committers with the old setup and this still remains true. We want to get as many people involved as possible when it gets to maintaining the project metadata. This is the reason that we've been sticking to CVS for now since we can reach most Apache committers that way. Gump will probably be one of the last projects that make the transition to Subversion.

Work on the project bylaws has started and we expect to have them ready for the next board meeting. Gump is unique when it comes to committer status so we'll have to put some thoughts into the definition of that role.

Gump has been quite successful in pointing out problems in some builds recently and we are happy that most of them have been resolved between projects easily. Our biggest problem right now is building Avalon, but this may be due to the fact that Gump is using a different build system than Avalon more than anything else. Once Gump supports Maven as a build option, things may become easier for Avalon.

We continue improving the Python rewrite of Gump and have come quite a long way already. Since nobody of us is anywhere near a Python guru, we may be doing things far more complicated than necessary. Any help is welcome. 8-)

The short-to-mid-term future steps for Gump are

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