This report has been sent and remains here for reference only.

During the past month, Gump has been quite successful in various areas.

With a lot of help from members of the Avalon community we've finally been able to build most of Avalon and thus the projects that depend on Avalon like Cocoon. Cocoon itself is the next "big thing" to tackle.

The Gump PMC has elected Sam Ruby as a new member.

We've created our own bylaws, see

The new hardware has arrived and we've been happy playing with it. Gump ran on FreeBSD (probably for the first time ever) and quickly uncovered a platform specific problem in one of the projects we build.

There are various design and coding efforts going on with goals ranging from a quicker turn-around time for small tests - that can be used to determine the reasons for build failures - over historic databases of build results to automatic detection of "who is responsible for a build failure" ("who" is a project, not a person here).

Mailing list, cvs, wiki, and other actvity are on the rise. Though no hard data is available, gump is growing rapidly, and the "state of the gump tree" (the success gump has in building projects against each other) is steadily improving.

Currently our success rate is 75.34% with 592 projects.

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