This report has been sent and remains here for reference only.

We've been very happy playing with the new machine and brutus has been turned into the "official" Gump instance, i.e. the one that is sending nightly nag mails when things go wrong and that people use as reference. Many thanks to Sam Ruby and Leo Simons who provided personal infrastructure for this purpose in the past.

The speed of Brutus combined with a new way to generate the website dynamically allows us to run Gump more than once per day and has already led to some new uses, like sending out "good news nags" when things are no longer broken. Notifications are also now sent "when first detected" (as well as on the nightly 'official' run) which can dramatically shorten the detection/discussion/resolution cycle.

Gump has assisted in detecting a number of issues, including a big one with log4j deprecation which raised excellent discussion and awareness on Apache's and "good" deprecation/release policies. More information is available on Gump's Blog.

Gump has started to successfully build its first live project using Maven, we hope to extend this success to Geronimo soon. The main integration issue is that of 'artefact id' (how a collection of code is identified). This is good practical community work; a precursor to an (automated/shared) Apache Repository.

Gump is starting to see more 'personal Gumps', as folks install Gump for their own private (and public) projects.

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