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Again a shorter, less prosaic version.


  • access to brutus has been granted to Brett Porter
  • access to brutus has also been granted to David Crossley, Reinhard Poetz and Dave Brondsema to use brutus for Forrest
  • we are rather low on disk space. This is no emergency situation yet, we are dealing with it, so no action is required. If we want to expand the variations of Gump builds to more VMs, this will become a problem, though.
  • we've received a few requests for nightly builds on Brutus but not acted on it so far. One reason is the disk space problem, another that we consider Brutus "insecure as hell" (to quote Leo). Since Gump downloads and runs scripts from all over the world it could potentially taint the nightly build system as well, even if we are doing our best to prevent this (they don't share anything but the JDK installation).


  • We are happily building C based projects using configure/make by now. On our roster are APR, HTTPD and Log4CXX so far.
  • There is slow progress on a Gump redesign that aims at making Gump less monolithic and using Python like Python instead of Java.


  • no PMC changes, still all Apache committers have access to metadata in CVS, no releases

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