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  • we've moved off of Brutus and are now spread over three machines. vmgump.apache.org is a VMWare instance on Loki, gump.zones.apache.org a Solaris zone on helios and gump.osuosl.org a MacOS X server of the Oregon State University that we can use. Many Thanks!
  • vmgump will become our primary machine for now, we are slowly progressing to the state of stability we had on brutus.
  • the other instances are not yet fully up and running.


  • Work continues on Gump3. It is slowly and steadily progressing into a codebase that does useful stuff.


  • Nick Chalko has taken a leave of absence from the PMC, we hope to get him back next year.
  • still all Apache committers have access to metadata in CVS.
  • no releases.
  • There are three proposed Summer of Code projects for Gump, all focused on Gump3 development. Mentors include Scott Sanders, Adam Jack and Leo Simons. Since Gump is one of the few python-based projects in the programme, we expect some of these will be successfully followed up on.

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