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  • we are using vmgump and our zone at helios, we managed to get Mono on vmgump and Kaffe on helios working well enough to get reasonable results.
  • gump.osuosl.org is still more or less dormant because we couldn't find the time to install a Gump instance there.
  • metadata have been moved to svn, we are a svn-only project now.


  • Work continues on Gump3. It is slowly and steadily progressing into a codebase that does useful stuff.


  • Brett Porter has been added to the PMC. It was about time.
  • still all Apache committers have access to metadata in svn.
  • no releases.
  • our two Google SoC projects finished with results that we are quite happy with. On the other hand we feel we didn't manage to involve the students with the community as we wanted to do. The reasons for this are not totally clear to us - having at least three PMC members (Leo, Adam and Stefan) go through major changes IRL hasn't helped.

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