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  • vmgump is in serious disk space trouble by now. Since we've started building Maven2 projects the number of things that get built successfully has become large enough to cause problems. On some days we can't finish the Gump run because we run out of disk. We need to hope a project with many dependencies fails every now and then 8-).


  • we've decided to become pragmatic WRT Maven2 and build non-leaf projects that use Maven2 against the repository jars instead of the latest builds. This at least allows the upstream dependencies of said project to build against the latest code. There are ideas how to make Maven2 support complete, but not enough time/people to see it implemented.


  • Stefano left the Gump PMC for personal reasons. We want to thank him for his support and time in the past.
  • still all Apache committers have access to metadata in svn.
  • no releases.

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