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"This report has been sent"


  • during the reporting time we've received a brand new machine to replace the old vmgump. Gump was switched over to the new machine with very little downtime, which really was awesome. Many thanks to the infrastructure team and Leo.


  • we've migrated a few more projects to use Maven2 builds and managed to get above 85% successful builds on vmgump, which is quite nice. Still we need to do something to make the Maven2 builds work the Gump way. Some experiments have been started in svn, but nothing that could be used as the real solution has been reached, yet.
  • Looking at the Gump zone[1], switching to Java6 would bring our success ratio down immediately. As usual some of the core APIs in Java have changed (this time it's JDBC again, as it was with Java 1.4 - in Java5 it was JAXP) and projects relying on them have been broken. This is nothing Gump could fix, but it gives a good indication of how widely supported (or not) Java6 may be right now in the projects we build.


  • still all Apache committers have access to metadata in svn.
  • no releases.

[1] http://gump.zones.apache.org/gump/test/project_todos.html

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