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Apache Gump is a cross-project continuous integration server. Gump's intention isn't so much to be a CI server but rather a vehicle that makes people look beyond their project's boundaries and helps the projects to collaborate.

Gump is written in Python and supports several build tools and version control systems. The Apache installation of Gump builds many ASF projects and their dependencies. It started in the Java part of the foundation but also builds projects like APR, HTTPd and log4net.


The Gump PMC is currently in doubt whether the service is still needed/appreciated and will query the projects who's code is currently built by Gump over the course of the next quarter.


The ASF installations of Gump work on the latest code base almost all of the time. The project is in a state of a perpetual beta. There have been no releases.


The problems with accessing Maven Central mentioned in the last report has magically disappeared. The best guess is Gump was hitting some misbehaving CDN nodes that have now been fixed.

In theory we could re-enable nagging mails now, but given the very low interest over the past years and given that not a single PMC has asked to re-enable mails Stefan Bodewig raised the question whether it might not be time to stop providing the service at all. Feedback from the community so far was along the lines of "this probably is a service that you only miss when it is gone" but that we shouldn't keep putting time and energy into keeping the service alive just because it's there.

Stefan intends to contact the PMCs who's code is currently built by Gump and we'll discuss our next steps dependening on the outcome.

The last quarter didn't see any activity at all.

== Infrastructure ==

Gump hasn't been reinstalled on the MacOS X server after the OS upgrade reported last quarter. The FreeBSD jail has seen an OS upgrade as well and also need Gump to be re-enabled.

Changes to the Roster

All ASF committers have write access to the metadata that configure the ASF installations.

No new committers to the code base, no changes to the PMC.

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