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Apache Gump is a cross-project continuous integration server. Gump's intention isn't so much to be a CI server but rather a vehicle that makes people look beyond their project's boundaries and helps the projects to collaborate.

Gump is written in Python and supports several build tools and version control systems. The Apache installation of Gump builds ASF as well as non-ASF projects and their dependencies. It started in the Java part of the foundation but also builds projects like APR, HTTPd and XMLUnit.NET.


Very little activity, Gump seems to create useful results for the few projects that use it. A team at Oracle seems to be running Gump for compatibility tests of Java 8.


Gump has never done any releases. One reason for this is that the ASF installations of Gump work on the latest code base almost all of the time following its "integrate everything continuosly" philosophy.

Stefan has polled the Gump list and our only known user outside of the ASF whether anybody would like to see a release but no response was received.


Ludmila Shikhvarg who works at Oracle and tests next-Java compatibility runs Gump internally at Oracle. Unfortunately the instance is not a public one. Occasionally she pings the Gump list to tells us about build problems she sees, she did so for three projects and Java8 in October and traffic has been directed to the project mailing lists.

The Gump installation on vmgump was stuck for several weeks and nobody noticed it.

Changes to the Roster

All ASF committers have write access to the metadata that configure the ASF installations.

No new committers to the code base, no changes to the PMC. The most recent addition to the PMC was in December 2006 when we added Sander Temme.

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