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Apache Gump is a cross-project continuous integration server. Gump's intention isn't so much to be a CI server but rather a vehicle that makes people look beyond their project's boundaries and helps the projects to collaborate.

Gump is written in Python and supports several build tools and version control systems. The Apache installation of Gump builds ASF as well as non-ASF projects and their dependencies. It started in the Java part of the foundation but also builds projects like APR, HTTPd and XMLUnit.NET.


Gump seems to create useful results for the few projects that use it. Activity spiked when JUnit dropped Ant build support, very little activity apart from that.


Gump has never done any releases. One reason for this is that the ASF installations of Gump work on the latest code base almost all of the time following its "integrate everything continuously" philosophy.


The JUnit team decided to drop the Ant build and switch to "Maven only". Gump used Ant to build JUnit and the migration caused a few hiccups along the way. Three different people modified a few descriptors over a period of several days until things were back to normal. No other activity.

Changes to the Roster

All ASF committers have write access to the metadata that configure the ASF installations.

No new committers to the code base, no changes to the PMC. The most recent addition to the PMC was in December 2006 when we added Sander Temme.

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