How to use gump to compile kaffe, classpath, etc

In an effort to make it easier to get a gump run in place that bootstraps the java environment...

complain that it doesn't work on the general at gump dot apache dot org mailing list :-D

Using a specific version or stable branch

Specify the CVS tag for the version to use on the module definition. See You'll probably want to keep these module definitions in parallel so you need to set the module attribute on the module definition as well. For example:

<module module="classpath" name="classpath-STABLE" tag="STABLE">
  <!-- ... -->
  <project name="classpath-STABLE-autogen">
    <script name="autogen"/>
    <home nested="dest-@[[Date(2005-02-27T14:06:02Z)]]@"/>

  <project name="classpath-STABLE-configure">
      <arg name="--prefix" path="dest-@[[Date(2005-02-27T14:06:02Z)]]@"/>
      <arg name="--disable-gtk-peer" value="true"/>
    <home nested="dest-@[[Date(2005-02-27T14:06:02Z)]]@"/>
    <depend name="classpath-STABLE-autogen"/>
  <!-- ... -->

Note that if you change project or module names, you should be careful to change them everywhere...

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