This wiki in the Apache Wiki Farm is for the Apache Gump project. Just as all apache committers are gump committers and are invited to help, this wiki is a community wiki and the entire gump community is invited to help maintain it. Feel free to change any part of this wiki if you think it improves things. If you wish to contribute, please create a user profile and log in. Unfortunately we've been receiving more spam than we can handle so after you have created your profile you need to ask on the gump mailinglist once and your profile will be granted the right to edit existing or create new pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gump3 Development

Gump3 is a substantial rewrite effort for gump. This is a collection of semi-random notes. If you're not a gump developer, you're not interested :-D

Gump2 Development


Mailing Lists/Forums

Design Topics

Old stuff

The old index page is at GumpProjectPages. (Someone should clean that out :-D)

No one is working on this one:

'Special' Wiki pages

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