Gump3 on windows

You need at least:

Fire up a command window. Do something like:

rem or wherever you do your development...
cd c:\
mkdir svn
cd svn
rem this will take long, Gump is a big download!
svn co gump3
cd gump3
rem ...this should show some useful help output...
bash gump help
rem ...this will show you prerequisite failures...
bash gump test
rem ...this will show database errors...
bash gump run
rem so lets install a database
rem you can create a database using:
mysqldbadmin [-u root -p] create gump
rem create a "gump" user with permissions to the "gump" database first
rem (e.g. using MySql Administrator), and then
mysql -u root -p gump < gumpdb/src/sql/gump3-database-definition.sql
rem cross your fingers! It might work...
bash gump run

There is some more stuff you need in addition to bash, python and svn. The script will attempt to inform you about that. Try and do what it says. Once you get stuck (no doubt there'll be unixisms), let us know!

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