Gump Terminology

FOG Factor (aka Friend of Gump Factor)

The FOG Factor is (at present) equivalent to the odds of the project building, based of historical attempts. For example, if a project has been around for 5 runs, but built only once (for whatever reason, dependency failure or it's own) it's odds of building are 1:5 i.e. 1/5 = 0.20. The reason for FOG factor is to identify which projects are 'stable' (in this one particular sense) and hence good dependencies to rely upon.

Depencency Depth

Each project with dependencies has a 'depth' equal to the number of unique total dependencies. Say a project A is dependent upon B and C, yet C is also dependency upon B. The dependeny depths are A:2 B:0 C:1. This is informative (along with FOG Factor, and really ought be takign into consideration in FOG Factor, but isn't yet) because it shows how many projects truly affect the project.

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