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'''Navigation trail:''' ["JMeterProjectPages"] - ["JMeterDevelopment"] '''Navigation trail:''' [[JMeterProjectPages]] - [[JMeterDevelopment]]

Navigation trail: JMeterProjectPages - JMeterDevelopment

This page brings together some links on Gump

The jakarta-jmeter Gump module has 4 projects:

{{{ jakarta-jmeter - build from latest of everything; does not create any output zips/jars

  • jakarta-jmeter-cvs - build from CVS only, and create output zips of the jars jakarta-jmeter-javadoc - javadoc jakarta-jmeter-test - test JMeter using build produced by jakarta-jmeter-cvs }}}

There are several systems running Gump, but only two of them (Covalent and LSD) have output directories. These are shown in the list below.

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