Work in progress

This paper is not even close to being finished or readable. Please move along...or help write it!

Some things I want to persue here...

Welcome to gump!

"Welcome to gump". If you came here from the FrontPage of our wiki, or from the [ front page] of our web site, you'll probably have read that phrase half a dozen times by now. This is because gump is very much about the social aspects of open source development, and we would really like you to become an active part of the big and diverse community gump is. We won't say it again in this paper. Promised.

Long-winded introduction, part 1

Do you write open source software? If so, you're it. You're our audience. You don't need to be a java programmer, C programmer or python programmer. You don't need to know what [ Ant] or [ Maven] is. You probably do need to know a little about [ XML]. And it wouldn't hurt to help to share our sense of humor. Otherwise this paper will be a pain in the ####. Sorry.

This is not a hands-on howto-style document with lots of samples. It is also not a high-level architectural overview. It's a little bit of those, with some philosophy, ideals, policy description, misplaced quotes and open source history thrown into the mix.

Long-winded introduction, part 2

This paper is not really intended for screen reading between lots of open code editor windows and three half-finished e-mails. It's intended for printing (there's a print icon in the top right corner, clicking on it should take you to a [ printable version], then reading it while enjoying a cup of coffee, and some chocolate. Go ahead and print this now. See you on paper.

Got yourself that box of chocolates? Might want to take off those shoes as well. Never mind the smell. We're on the other side of the world, so it won't bother us.