Random notes on PythonGump install on Solaris

This is most definately a work in progress


Install the following:


Create gump user

Other prereqs

(version 1.0-rc1 or better - 1.0-beta-8 generates an error if --version is called when no project file is present, causing Gump to think that Maven is not present)

Gump Setup

The rest of thes document refers to the configuration for 'enterprize.coderage.org'. This host is not configured for multiple flavours.

Set up /share/gump/gump/[flavour]/..., the first flavour being public:

umask 002 . /share/gump/local-env-py-enterprize.sh }}}


<Directory /share/gump/gumphome/logs>


export PYTHONPATH=pwd which python which cvs python gump/check.py -w ../enterprize.xml all --debug python gump/integrate.py -w ../enterprize.xml all --debug }}}

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