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 * [[Chukwa_Quick_Start]] - Getting Chukwa running on your cluster.
 * [[Chukwa_Console_Integration_Guide]] - Guide to integrate with Chukwa UI console.
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 * [[DemuxModification|Writing plug-ins for the Chukwa Demux framework.]]
 * [[Chukwa_Configuration]] - A short description of what each configuration file in Chukwa's conf directory is used for
 * [[Chukwa_Adaptors_List]] - A description of the prebuilt adaptors that you can turn on to collect data from the nodes in your cluster
 * [[Chukwa_Startup_and_Shutdown_Scripts]] - A description of the scripts found in Chukwa's bin directory which are used to start and stop various parts of the Chukwa framework.
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 * [[http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/hadoop/core/trunk/src/contrib/chukwa/docs/README?revision=685353&view=markup|Chukwa Readme.txt]] (part of the distribution - WARNING: this text file may be out of date).


Chukwa is a Hadoop subproject devoted to large-scale log collection and analysis. Chukwa is built on top of the Hadoop distributed filesystem (HDFS) and MapReduce framework and inherits Hadoop’s scalability and robustness. Chukwa also includes a flexible and powerful toolkit for displaying monitoring and analyzing results, in order to make the best use of this collected data.




Chukwa is part of the Hadoop distribution. You can view the source as part of the Hadoop Apache SVN repository here



  • JIRA HADOOP-3719 - The original Apache JIRA ticket for contributing Chukwa to Hadoop as a contrib project.

  • JIRA HADOOP-4709 - A batch update to the JIRA in Hadoop/src/contrib. After this update the Chukwa team will be fully embracing the Apache JIRA development model, as suggested in the comments on this JIRA.

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