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Chukwa comes with templates for all configuration files. These files are in the conf directory and are named <conf file name>.template. You should be able to just make a copy of each of these files, removing the ".template" suffix.

Required configuration files

  • conf/collectors - new line delimited list of collectors. This file is used by startup and shutdown scripts to determine where to run Chukwa collectors and is also used by Chukwa agents to find collectors to send their data to.
  • conf/chukwa-agents - a list of hosts in the cluster on which to run the Chukwa agent daemon.
  • conf/chukwa-env.sh - environment variables required to run Chukwa.
  • conf/chukwa-collectors-conf.xml - collector specific settings (e.g. port number to listen for agents on, which file system to store data in, etc.)
  • conf/chukwa-agents-conf.xml - agent specific settings.

Optional configuration files

  • conf/alert.conf - a list of e-mail addresses to which chukwa alerts should be sent.
  • conf/initial_adaptors - a list of adaptors to add to all agents at startup time.

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