HBase 0.21 Roadmap

Original 0.21 roadmap was done back in 08/2009. HBase is still not out as of this writing on 04/2010 hence we have a Stale 0.21 Roadmap that we need to update, the Current 0.21 Roadmap

Current 0.21 Roadmap

The 0.21 RoadMap, Hackathon3 draft.

What else?

Original (Stale)0.21 Roadmap

Here is the old HBase 0.21 list, made for the timeframe of approximately August-September of 2009. It was drafted at Hackathon2 at StumbleUpon in 08/2009. Its since obsoleted by the above, moved aside on 04/17/2010.

Some of the below had detail added later: HBase Hackathon 2 Wrap-Up: Day One.

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