HBase wire compatibility meeting notes



0.94: just make it a performance release

keep wire compatibility with 92 for: - 0.92 clients to 0.94 servers - 0.94 clients to 0.92 servers (we’ll check if this is possible, but we think so.. maybe one or two spots. Lars and Stack to investigate) - rolling upgrade within the cluster for advanced users only (eg they have to turn off prefix compression during upgrade, etc)

0.96: “the singularity”

- aim to have stuff moved over to protobuf at this time, and probably remove old writable-based calls. - try to remove ROOT, maybe HBASE-2600 if it got done? - migration: perhaps offline, but has to be in-place, and preferably automatically done (eg master rewrites META)

ideas for compatibility of old clients to 0.96 (to help people move to singularity):

- maybe we backport a forward-compatible client onto 0.94 or 0.92 releases (rather than trying to make 0.96 back-compatible). eg. if we remove ROOT, add a forward-compatibility path which can use either ROOTless or with-ROOT, make people upgrade to 0.94.X client, then can upgrade server


Core types:

- KeyValue, HRegionInfo, HRegionLocation, HTableDescriptor, ServerName, - some deprecated but still all over: HServerLoad? - ClusterStatus

Actual conversion to protobuf RPCs:

- HRegionInterface - Jimmy - HMasterInterface - Greg - HMasterRegionInterface - Greg (while doing this, collapse RPCs where necessary)

Zookeeper data:

- Client-facing stuff: data in ROOT region location node, master address node (Stack) - Cluster-internal stuff:

Filters: (tricky because they’re user-definable?)

- todd to investigate


- this is somewhat tricky - Enis to investigate



- there’s stuff in ZK, also uses client APIs (Lars/Chris/Jesse)

RPC payload + envelope

- Devaraj - (move the headers, etc to Protobuf)

Management stuff for multi-version:

- add version string for each node in the cluster to ZK - display this info on web UIs, JMX, etc

HBase shell: (Chris)

- has to know to deserialize the proto types instead, for example? we’re not sure if it ever reads/deserializes stuff directly

On-disk formats:

- eg reference files use Writable - HLog: HLogKey, WALEdits, etc (affects unclean upgrade, and replication) - HFile metadata - currently it’s a MapWritable - need to figure out how to keep this back-compat against Writable - /hbase/hbase.version file

How to integrate with Thrift? (facebook to investigate)

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