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Hadoop Summits bring the community together and provide a venue for developers, users and companies that work with Hadoop to share and learn from one another.

Upcoming Summits:

Past Summits and Slides:
||||[[http://www.cloudera.com/hadoop-summit-east|Hadoop Summit East 2009, NYC: October 2nd, 2009]] ||
||||[[http://developer.yahoo.com/events/hadoopsummit09/|Hadoop Summit West 2009, Santa Clara: June 10th, 2009]]||
||||Please add your own slides||
||[[attachment:TheGrowingHadoopCommunity_ChristopheBisciglia_Cloudera.pdf|The Growing Hadoop Community]]||Christophe Bisciglia, Cloudera||
||[[attachment:HadoopConfigurationAndDeployment_MattMassie_Cloudera.pdf|Hadoop Configuration and Deployment]]||Matt Massie, Cloudera||
||[[attachment:HadoopInTheCloud_TomWhite_Cloudera.pdf|Running Hadoop in the Cloud]]||Tom White, Cloudera||
||[[attachment:FairScheduler_MateiZaharia_Cloudera.pdf|Job Scheduling for Hadoop]]||Matei Zahari, Cloudera and UC Berkeley||