How to publish snapshots

create and update your settings.xml with the following information ~/.m2/settings.xml:

<settings xmlns=""
     <username>Apache username</username>
     <password>Apache password</password>

ant mvn-deploy should publish the artifacts to the snapshot repository.

How to upgrade packages on Ubuntu build machines

sudo apt-get update < this will update the package information on the host>

sudo apt-get upgrade -y <this will upgrade all the available packages to the latest available version>

p.s : use pdsh

How to setup Ubuntu build machine

### NFS Issues

If hudson slave complains about loggin in ; then this something to do with the nfs mounts.
check /etc/resolv.conf as most of the time when the machine gets re-jumped the /etc/resolv.conf doesnt get the right nameserver.
need to copy the resolve.conf from one of the machine which is up and running. By doing so would bring the nfs mounts back online.

### Setup hudson

mkdir -p /grid/0/hudson/hudson-slave
chown -R hudson:hudson /grid/0/hudson
copy hudson slave.jar 
cp ~hudson/slave.jar /grid/0/hudson/hudson-slave/.

### Setup ivy and maven caches to use local disk instead of shared NFS
mkdir /grid/0/hudson/ivy2-cache
mkdir /grid/0/hudson/m2-cache
chown -R hudson:hudson /grid/0/hudson
ln -s /grid/0/hudson/ivy2-cache /homes/hudson/.ivy2
ln -s /grid/0/hudson/m2-cache /homes/hudson/.m2
chown hudson:hudson /homes/hudson/.ivy2
chown hudson:hudson /homes/hudson/.m2

### Check tools location:
login as hudson user
ls ~hudson/tools

### On a new re-jumped machine do the following to get required lib's installed
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 subversion patch wget cmake make libtool curl libc6-dev-i386 -y

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