Hadoop Jira

Hadoop uses Jira as its issue tracker. All changes are discussed and reviewed in Jira before committing to subversion.

Hadoop Special Fields

"Release Note" Text

Add a brief comment (1-3 sentences) if this item is likely to be of interest to application programmers. New features and changes to APIs or operating procedures require a release note. Don't bother with a simple "fixed bug" message. Do reference other documentation, if applicable, but don't bother with any reference to the Jira item itself. These comments are collected semi-automatically into the release notes document as the release nears completion. They may be edited for content and style by the folks helping to prepare the release. Do be careful with grammar and spelling as release notes are seen by people who do not browse Jira. Hadoop style is to begin the first sentence with a verb. For example:

"Incompatible Change" Flag

Set this flag if the change will result in an incompatibility with existing code. An incompatible change should also have a release note!

"Reviewed" Flag

A reviewer should set this flag when no further reviews are required. A change that is "patch available," "reviewed," and has passed the automated tests is ready to be committed.

Jira Best Practices

Please observe the following guidelines when using Jira for Hadoop.

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