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=== The Seattle/PNW Hadoop User Group ===

 *When: The last Wednesday of every month at 6:45pm
 *Where: Room 303 of the Allen Computer Science Center, University of Washington.
 *Map: http://www.washington.edu/home/maps/?CSE
 *Contact: Bradford Stephens, 904-415-3009, bradfordstephens@gmail.com

The meetup is about 2 hours (and there's usually food): we'll have two in-depth talks of 20-30 minutes each, and then several "lightning talks" of 5 minutes. If no one offers, We'll then have discussion and 'social time'. Let me know if you're interested in speaking or attending. We'd like to focus on education, so every presentation *needs* to ask some questions at the end. We can talk about these after the presentations, and interesting points will be recorded in a wiki.