About GOTO Metrics

Founded in 2009, by a collection of industry veterans from the business, security, and web development community who envisioned creating a platform that would enable their customers to aggregate massive amounts of data from disparate sources, perform complex analytic on the data in a parallel fashion, and be able to visualize the data in a way that was intuitive to its customers while being able to scale to 1000's of commodity servers in a cluster. The GOTO Metrics Platform not only supports processing massive amounts of data as outlined above but has the ability to handle relatively small datasets (1+ Terabyte) as well through the use of its own file system that sits on top of Hadoop. The GOTO Metrics Platform integrates Hadoop, HBase, a procedural query language, and a proprietary file system, which allows it to be applicable to almost any vertical including Healthcare, Financial, Security, and Government. For more information, please visit Turning data into actionable intelligence and revolutionizing the way data is processed in the 21st century.

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