After the Hadoop 0.20 branch was created, Hadoop was split in 3 sub-projects within the website, Jira, and mailing lists: Common, HDFS, and MapReduce.

A change to that project split has been proposed on general@. Here are questions and answers raised in that discussion.

1. What is being proposed?

2. Why? Don't we want to separate these 3 projects further and release them separately?

3. Is this undoing the project split?

4. How do we avoid introducing dependencies between the projects?

5. The committer list for each of the sub projects today is different. How do we reconcile them?

6. I'm a git user. Will this screw up my git history?

7. As a developer, what specific steps do I need to take to re-base my workspace?

8. As a release engineer, what specific steps do I need to take to update my continuous integration servers?

9. How will contributing be affected?

10. How will committing be affected?

11. Will the project be mavenized at the same time?

12. What documentation needs udpate due to this change?

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