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[DIFF] 10:44 [INFO] Packt Publishing New video course added
[DIFF] 20:36 [INFO] AndrewWang Fix skipShade profile for deploy step
[DIFF] 13:58 [INFO] SteveLoughran [1-3] #01 italics
#02 cleanup
#03 Initial set of Bad Request causes
[DIFF] 13:42 [INFO] RemySaissy [1-2] #01 Typo fixes for Criteo company description.
#02 Criteo company description updated.
[DIFF] 13:10 [INFO] SteveLoughran RemySaissy
[DELETED] 13:05 [INFO] SteveLoughran junk user page
[DIFF] 13:04 [INFO] SteveLoughran More on socket timeouts
[DIFF] 04:59 [INFO] AsankhaPerera update site link for adroitlogic
[DIFF] 12:35 [INFO] SteveLoughran add the details on OSX install, especially protoc setup now that homebrew 1.x doesn't support protobuf 2.5


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