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[DIFF] 02:22 [INFO] JesseCrouch Added ATXcursions project
[DIFF] 09:48 [INFO] SteveLoughran add JesseCrouch
[DIFF] 11:12 [INFO] SteveLoughran Create a SocketException page as a precursor to implementing handling for it.
[DIFF] 14:05 [INFO] SteveLoughran Object stores can trigger SocketTimeoutExcepti on when throttling PUT/DELETE operations.
[DIFF] 12:11 [INFO] SteveLoughran fix HowToCommit link; change stated size of git clone to not need updating for a while
[DIFF] 19:06 [INFO] karthikkambatla
[DIFF] 19:06 [INFO] Antispam subsystem
[DIFF] 16:31 [INFO] SteveLoughran add a new way to see Could only Be Replicated To messages, reformat existing text for readability/structur e
[DIFF] 10:22 [INFO] SteveLoughran Update HDP, cull intel entry :-(, add disclaimer at end of MapR's assertions of superiority. Someone needs to add GCE, RAX, MSFT cloud offerings & RHAT entries.


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