This page provides a synopsis of the conference call held to discuss HADOOP-6332


Konstantin Boudnik (Yahoo), Alex Loddengaard (Cloudera), Steve Loughran (HP), Steve Watt (IBM), Stuart Hood (Rackspace)


Cluster QA - Provide Quality Assurance by verifying with runtime testing that a Hadoop Cluster is setup and working correctly. At present there is no way to do this. There are existing tests like TeraSort but they only test certain aspects of the system.


Each attendee described their requirements and what they would like to see from the end product.

General Consensus : There is a user need for regression testing ( on what specifically? )

Steve Loughran :

Steve Watt :

Alex Loddengaard:

Kostantin Boudnik:

Initial Proposal

Next Steps

Available Resources

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