Connection strategy design for ZooKeeper client API

A connection strategy allows control over the way that ZooKeeper clients (we would implement this for both c and java apis) connect to a serving ensemble. Today we have two strategies, randomized round robin (default) and ordered round robin, both of which are hard coded into the client implementation.

This page details a design which adds a connection "strategy" to the ZooKeeper client API. By strategy I mean something like this: which would allow developers using the ZooKeeper client API to reuse existing strategies or specify their own.

See][ZOOKEEPER-779 for some background on this.

Use cases

Today's "round robin" connection strategy works well in most cases, however there are some use cases where it fails:

  1. balancing the load on a particular server of the ensemble. Round robin does a decent job on this, however there are cases where it fails - for example when a single server is restarted.
  2. choosing the "closest" server. Typically not an issue, except for the case where the ensemble itself is distributed over high latency (WAN) connections.
  3. exposing ensemble availability to the client code. In some cases the client would like to fall back to a hard coded state if it cannot reach the ensemble.

Non Goals

  1. This document does not attempt to address how the client gets the list of servers making up the ensemble, only how it determines which server to connect to.


  1. allow the client to select a strategy at runtime
  2. allow reuse of strategy code
  3. allow users to create their own strategy, or extend existing strategies
  4. strategy API should allow
    1. setStrategy(strat) on ZooKeeper client object, default should be RRR

    2. more here ... which will require real thought/consideration.
    3. provide some sort of context to the strat (list of servers for example, what more?)
    4. expectation is the strat will make the connection to the server and hand back to ZooKeeper client code

    5. strat may maintain multiple connections, might want to force ZooKeeper to disconnect and reconnect to another server

      1. this is the case for example where you connected to a "far away" server because close-in was down, but then later close in server becomes available again and you prefer to use that. similar for balancing.

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