To make a release, follow the comprehensive HowToRelease documentation substituting zookeeper wherever core is mentioned.

Note: when updating the build.xml version number also update src/c/

Note: also update the version number in src/c/include/zookeeper_version.h

In versions prior to 3.2

Note: run "autoconf -if" in src/c and include configure in release

Note: autotools scripts have to be hand-made binary chmod in the release tar

In versions 3.2 and later

autoconf/shell scripts are handled properly

In versions 3.3 and later

Support is now available for pushing the jar artifacts to the Apache maven repository.

1) sign the jar/pom files using gpg

2) copy the jar/pom/etc... into the appropriate directory

full details here:

the files are sync'd daily, and ivy finds it.

maven metadata files have to be updated manually

Smoke Tests

Before the release, run the following smoke tests (at least).

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