Hama Commands


Runs a jar file. Users can bundle their BSP code in a jar file and execute it using this command.

Usage: hama jar <jar> [mainClass] args...


Command to interact with BSP Jobs.

Usage: hama job [-submit <job-file>] | [-status <job-id>] | [-kill <job-id>] | [-list [all]] | [-list-active-grooms] | [-kill-task <task-id>] | [-fail-task <task-id>]

-submit <job-file>

Submits the job.

-status <job-id>

Prints the job status.

-kill <job-id>

Kills the job.

-list [all]

-list all displays all jobs. -list displays only jobs which are yet to complete.


Display the list of active groom server in the cluster.

-list-attempt-ids <jobId> <task-state>

Displays the list of tasks for a given job currently in a particular state (running or completed).

-kill-task <task-id>

Kills the task. Killed tasks are NOT counted against failed attempts.

-fail-task <task-id>

Fails the task. Failed tasks are counted against failed attempts.

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