Apache Hama is a Google's Pregel-like, a distributed computing framework based on Bulk Synchronous Parallel.

Idea List

1. Evaluation of Hama BSP communication protocol performance

The goal of this project HAMA-358 is performance evaluation of RPC frameworks (e.g., Hadoop RPC, Thrift, Google Protobuf, ..., etc) to figure out which is the best solution for Hama BSP communication. Currently Hama is using Hadoop RPC to communicate and transfer messages between BSP workers.

By this project, students will have learned how to evaluate components in the design phase.

2. Development of Shortest Path Finding Algorithm

The goal of this project HAMA-359 is development of parallel algorithm for finding a Shortest Path using Hama BSP.

By this project, students will have researched the development of a Message-Passing based parallel algorithm and learned Bulk Synchronous Parallel model.

3. Runtime Compression of BSP Messages to Improve the Performance

In this project HAMA-367, we investigate BSP message data compression in the context of large-scale distributed message-passing systems to reduce the communication time of individual messages and to improve the bandwidth of the overall system.