This page explains related information required for publishing a release.

Check list before release

To verify license headers, use RAT check with following command:

% mvn apache-rat:check

Branching the release candidate

Before release, a branch should have been be created for that release in the form <major>.<minor>. For example:

svn copy

Building Distribution

1. Update to the latest SVN revision:

 svn up 

2. Publish a SNAPSHOT

 mvn deploy 

3. Prepare the release:

 mvn release:prepare 

If you need to rollback the release,  mvn release:rollback .

4. Digitally sign the distribution hama-X.X.X.tar.gz.

md5sum hama-x.x.x.tar.gz > hama-x.x.x.tar.gz.md5
sha1sum hama-x.x.x.tar.gz > hama-x.x.x.tar.gz.sha1

5. Put the release candidate somewhere people can test it on different platforms

scp dist/target/**


Each release must be voted by the PMC on the hama-dev mailing list. Vote threads are indicated by starting the subject line with [VOTE].

For a vote to pass at least three +1 votes are needed. Votes are normally run for 72 hours. When starting the vote, indicate the date and time the vote period ends.

When the vote period ends, tally up the votes and report the final result to the mailing list.


Once three PMC members have voted for a release, it may be published.

1. Manage versions in JIRA

2. Release artifacts

 mvn release:perform 

Now you must close the staging repository to indicate to Nexus that the build is done and to make the artifacts available. See

scp -r ./
mv 0.6.2-RC1 0.6.2
svn add 0.6.2; svn commit ./ -m "Release Hama 0.6.2"

3. Website update

Use CMS to deploy web site or commit changes to directly

4. Announce to,,

5. After release is published to dist, please remove the old release.


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