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## page was renamed from JobInformation


  1. Fields
  2. State


A job, derived from JobInProgress, in general holds some basic information, including:

  • jobId: BSPJobID. The id of this job.

  • jobName: String. The name of this job.
  • user: String. See BSPJobContext.getUser() wherein configures via conf.get("user.name")
  • jobFile: Path. job.xml. See BSPJobClient.submitJobInternal()
  • localJobFile: Path. A local copied jobFile.
  • localJarFile: Path. A local copied jar file.
  • numBSPTasks: int. The number of BSP tasks to be
  • master: String. The name of master server that is responsible for this job.
  • maxTaskAttempts: int. default to 2.
  • MAX_TASK_EXEC: int. bound to 1.
  • inputPath: Path. Dir where split files are stored. i/o.
  • State: RUNNING(1), SUCCEEDED(2), FAILED(3), PREP(4), KILLED(5)
  • progress: long. % of bsp(). job status.
  • setupProgress: long. % of setup() job status.
  • cleanupProgress: long. % of cleanup() job status.
  • startTime: long. The time this job is started. job status.
  • finishTime: long. The time this job is finished. job status.
  • superstepCount: long. This job's superstep count. job satus.
  • conf: Configuration. Specific setting for this job.
  • Tasks: TaskTable. See TaskInProgress and Job Task Relation section.

    • attemptId: TaskAttemptID. A task attempt id in which a TaskID, containing BSPJobID, is embedded.

    • failed: Boolean. If a task fails or not. default to false.
    • NUM_ATTEMPTS_PER_RESTART: int. Set to 1000.
    • partition: The ith numBSPTasks.

    • completed: Boolean. if a task is completed/ succeed. default to false.
    • groom: String. On which groom a task runs.
    • startTime: System.currentTimeMillis(). default -1.
    • RawSplit: The ith RawSplit if RawSplit is not null


A job status contains:

  • PREP: This status is started when a job is created until all tasks are dispatched to groom servers.
  • RUNNING: When tasks are executed in GroomServers.

  • SUCCEEDED: When all tasks are in the SUCCEEDED state.

  • FAILED: When one or more tasks exceed its max attempt

  • CANCELLED: User/ Admin issues a cancel command.


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