Quickly Launch A Hama Cluster In Cloud Using Whirr

The following commands install Whirr and start a 5 node Hama cluster on Amazon EC2 in 5 minutes or less.

% curl -O http://www.apache.org/dist/whirr/whirr-0.x.0/whirr-0.x.0.tar.gz
% tar zxf whirr-0.x.0.tar.gz; cd whirr-0.x.0

% ssh-keygen -t rsa -P '' -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa_whirr

% bin/whirr launch-cluster --config recipes/hama-ec2.properties --private -key-file ~/.ssh/id_rsa_whirr

Upon success you should see imok echoed to the console, indicating that ZooKeeper is running.

Now you can run an BSP examples as below:

edward@domU-12-31-39-0C-7D-41:/usr/local/hama-0.3.0-incubating$ bin/hama jar hama-examples-0.3.0-incubating.jar 
An example program must be given as the first argument.
Valid program names are:
  bench: Random Communication Benchmark
  pagerank: PageRank
  pi: Pi Estimator
  sssp: Single Source Shortest Path
  test: Serialize Printing Test
edward@domU-12-31-39-0C-7D-41:/usr/local/hama-0.3.0-incubating$ bin/hama jar hama-examples-0.3.0-incubating.jar pi
11/12/25 11:48:11 INFO bsp.BSPJobClient: Running job: job_201112251143_0001
11/12/25 11:48:14 INFO bsp.BSPJobClient: Current supersteps number: 0
11/12/25 11:48:17 INFO bsp.BSPJobClient: Current supersteps number: 1
11/12/25 11:48:20 INFO bsp.BSPJobClient: The total number of supersteps: 1
Estimated value of PI is 3.147866666666667
Job Finished in 9.635 seconds

And shut down the cluster with:

% bin/whirr destroy-cluster --config recipes/hama-ec2.properties

The various options are explained in more detail in the Whirr website

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