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== Rationale and Algorithms ==

Work In Progress. I'm currently studying, and testing BSP applications that aim to speed up the recommendation engine for social commerce service.

=== Relationships with Other Apache Projects? ===

Comparing to Mahout, this is different in the sense that it runs based on Message-Passing paradigm and will have On-line processing features.

=== Initial Members ===

 * ''Please feel free to add yourself here, if you are interest.''
 * Edward J. Yoon, Oracle, <edward.yoon@oracle.com>
 * Paul Gyuho Song, Oracle, <gyuho.song@oracle.com>

Online Machine Learning for Massive and Streaming Data

A Online machine learning framework which runs on top of the Apache Hama.

  • Online SVM learning
  • Online K-means clustering
  • Online Bayesian learning
  • Online Recommendation
  • ..., etc.

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