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== Job Task Relation == == Task Table ==
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}}} }}}
See [[#An Task Table Example|An Task Table Example]]
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== An Task Task Example == === An Task Table Example ===
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== Job Task Relation ==

Task Table

A TaskTable records tasks information.

  • The entire task table belongs to the same BSPJobID.

  • A 2d array space is allocated with numBSPTasks row, and maxTaskAttempts is configured to check if `attempt task' exceeds the upper bound.

  • Each row's first slot (ie Task[0]) is assigned with a task where

TaskID's id: 1...N where N < numBSPTasks
TaskAttemptID' id: 1
  • A task managed by the task table has attributes such that

{TaskID's id: 1...N where N < numBSPTasks, and the same row's id should equal.}
{TaskAttemptID's id: 1...M where M < maxTaskAttempts }

See An Task Table Example

An Task Table Example




Task {jobId:1, taskId: 1, attemptId:1}

Task {jobId:1, taskId: 1, attemptId:2}

Task jobId:1, taskId: 1, attemptId:3

Task {jobId:1, taskId: 2, attemptId:1}

Task {jobId:1, taskId: 2, attemptId:2}

Task {jobId:1, taskId: 2, attemptId:3}

Job Task Relation


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