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In 1958, psychologist Hyde (F. Heider) proposed to change the attitude of "balance theory", also known as "POX theory", P and O each represent a person, X is a third party or attitude object. Balance theory assumes that P-O-X is a stable balance between, and exclusion from outside influence, unbalanced state is unstable, and will personally produce psychological stress. Only if they eliminate the tension between change and restore balance when actually its power. In summary, Haider's balance theory to consider is a person in their own cognitive framework, combined with each other on the attitude and the right thing. Shen words, Haider consistency of interest in people and other people of their relationship and the relationship between the views and the environment. Hyde's balance theory, in principle, and Festinger's cognitive dissonance theory is the same, but Hyde emphasized that a person's attitude to a cognitive object, often by others, the attitude of the object, that Hyde attaches great importance to interpersonal influence on attitudes. For example: P for the students, X for the jazz, 0 P much respect for the teachers. If P likes jazz music, jazz praise hear 0, P-0-X mode, the relationship between the three are all positive numbers, P's cognitive system exhibits a state of equilibrium. If P likes jazz music, jazz criticism heard O, P-0-X model, the relationship among the second is a negative, then the cognitive system exhibits P imbalance, imbalance will lead to cognitive system change. Balance theory of usefulness is to enable people to use the "principle of least effort" to expect the effects arising from the imbalances, so that the individual as little as possible to change the structure of emotional relationships in order to restore balance. In certain situations, it can concise language to describe the cognitive[[http://women-high-heels.com |http://women-high-heels.com]] Wholesale women high heels shoes