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Cocoon 2.1.9 starts and seems to work normally on Harmony (IBM VME + Classlib).

Known issues:

  • It cannot be built from source code using Harmony because the build tries to do this with com.sun.tools.javac.Main.
    • I tried to make a wrapper with such name for Harmony javac but I got the error during build: "%COCOON%\tools\targets\compile-build.xml:54: Error starting modern compiler". Compiled code (up to version 2.0.4) can be downloaded from Cocoon site or built using RI compiler (any version).
  • While checking up the "Hello, World!" sample it was discovered that Cocoon failed to display the JPEG representation of that text because of this error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGCodec.

    • A wrapper class put to compat.jar might solve the problem. I'm going to do this.

I have run the htmlunit tests on RI, Harmony Classlib + DRLVM and Harmony Classlib + IBM VME. One test (org.apache.cocoon.CachingPipelineTestCase) hangs on all implementations, so it was excluded. 48 tests have been run. The results are:

3 test failures on RI:

9 failures on Harmony classlib + IBM VME:

  • 3 noted errors + 6 errors related to JPEG and PNG representation,

24 failures on Harmony classlib + DRLVM:

  • 9 noted errors + 15 more errors. Some of them, look like this

"java.lang.RuntimeException: unexpected java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: inv8" where 8 changes to another integer values in different failures. And some look like: org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: Sitemap: error calling function 'do_a'.

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