Merging the changes from the HEAD stream (Java 5) into the Java 6 stream

You'll need to check out a working copy of the Java 6 stream. Let's assume that you have the Java 6 stream is checked out as "Harmony-java6", i.e.

svn co Harmony-java6

To perform a merge, ensure the working copy is up to date:

cd Harmony-java6
svn up

Perform the actual merge:

svn merge

A useful tip is to do a merge with  --dry-run  first to see what will happen! You may also append a revision number such as '@926505' to the repository url to merge up to a specific revision number.

Check to see if there are any conflicts reported by the merge. Manually resolve any conflicts by merging the code, and marking the merged file as resolved. Once the merge is completed, check that the Java 6 working copy is still ok:

ant rebuild
ant test

Check that the test results look fine.

Now we need to commit the updates to the Java 6 branch. Still in the Java 6 workspace:

svn commit -m "Merge updates from federated trunk"

(If you merged to a specific revision number you might like to include that in the commit message. However, the svn:mergeinfo property tracks this correctly so it isn't essential.)