This page stores all info on the documentation updates to improve website, and establishes perspective for further activities. We will try to keep up-to-date a list of documents that are planned for updates or creation.
Certain pages do require help of technical experts, so, please, do not ignore the information below.

Doxygen API Reference Documentation

Doxygen materials provide reference information on public interfaces of DRLVM and its components. This API reference is created semi-automatically from the source code. We are using several metrics to evaluate and track improvement of the quality of the reference materials:

  1. DRLVM_Documentation_Quality describes some rating of DRLVM code comments evaluation quality.

  2. DRLVM_Documentation_Quality_Doxygen_Warning_Rating describes additional rating that shows the amount of warnings during the Doxygen files generation.

  3. DRLVM_Documentation_Interfaces_Classification provides classification that helps to understand the mapping between h-files and structure described in the Developers' Guide.

To produce adequate and uniform results, we recommend following some simple markup rules when documenting a header.

Many headers using in Doxygen reference generation lack ample and well-formatted comments. To get easily readable, complete and useful info for DRLVM interface reference and Java class library reference, the following JIRAs were opened:

  1. HARMONY-3262 Covers VM_Common interface header files

  2. HARMONY-3263 Covers VM_JIT and VM_EM interface header files

  3. HARMONY-3264 Covers VM_Interpreter interface header files

  4. HARMONY-3273 Covers VM_GC interface and VM_Thread interface header files

  5. HARMONY-3274 Covers JNI and JVMTI interface header files

  6. HARMONY-3275 Covers Execution manager external interface headers

  7. HARMONY-3277 Covers Thread manager external interface headers

  8. HARMONY-3278 Covers Garbage collector and Execution engine external interface headers

  9. HARMONY-3284 Covers OS portability layer external interface

You are welcome to contribute to any of the JIRAs listed above or to create new ones that improve quality of markup.

Website Docs

If you want to make an impact in development and improvement DRLVM Doxygen documentation, feel free to contribute to JIRAs filed against doc component.

Besides the open bugs, we have several enhancements in mind and some ongoing work that cannot easily map to one finite JIRA. The current list of activities includes the following items:

  1. Create Porting Guide to document what needs to be done to port Apache Harmony to other OSs, such as FreeBSD, Solaris, QNX, etc. For that task, the following materials can be useful:

  2. Update Developer's Guide: sections 4.1 and 4.8 about Initialization and Shutdown are out of date

  3. Update Debugging the DRL Virtual Machine and the JIT Compiler

  4. Improve Bytecode verifier description to improve wording, structure and style

  5. Publish BTI (Build Test Infrastructure) launching and usage instructions
  6. Update Thread Manager description after new threading features are implemented

  7. Create localized pages of popular pages, such as in Russian and Chinese
  8. Website_Improvement - suggestions on website improvement and the trial site version

  9. Doxygen_Docs_Look&Feel_Improvements - suggestions on how to improve the look and feel of generated Doxygen documentation


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