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DRLVM has a complex system of locks used to synchronize multiple threads operation.

Thread primitives in DRLVM

Low-level primitives for use in C++ code

* Mutex: hymutex_create, hymutex_lock, hymutex_trylock, hymutex_unlock, hymutex_destroy

  • Most of the internal DRLVM locks are mutexes

* Conditional variable: hycond_create, hycond_wait, hycond_wait_timed, hycond_wait_interruptable, hycond_notify, hycond_notify_all, hycond_destroy

  • Conditional variables are used in pair with mutex. Most of the internal DRLVM events are implemented using conditional variables.

Higher-level synchronization objects

* Java monitors are accessible from C++ code using fucntions

jthread_monitor_init  thread\src\thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_enter thread\src\thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_try_enter thread\src\thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_exit  thread\src\thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_notify thread\src\thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_notify_all thread\src\thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_wait  thread\src\thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_timed_wait thread\src\thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_init  thread/src/thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_enter thread/src/thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_try_enter thread/src/thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_exit  thread/src/thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_notify thread/src/thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_notify_all thread/src/thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_wait  thread/src/thread_java_monitors.c
jthread_monitor_timed_wait thread/src/thread_java_monitors.c

Topics to be covered by this page

  • What synchronization objects should be used and when during DRLVM development
  • The general locking rules ("locking protocol") in DRLVM
    • the list of global locks
    • the order of obtaining locks
    • interaction with suspension

Some of the topics are already covered by http://harmony.apache.org/subcomponents/drlvm/TM.html

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