Exception-throwing compatibility

There are a number of methods in the Java specification that describe the conditions under which exceptions are thrown. However, in most cases the specification does not describe all possible exceptions that may be thrown, the order of exception throwing (i.e. where there are multiple conditions that would result in an exception), and so on.

The Harmony class libary code aims to be fully compatible with the Reference Implementation (RI) of the Java Specification by matching the exception characteristics of each method.

Harmony classlib developers write test cases that deliberately cause exceptions to be thrown so that we can match exception behaviour like-for-like. Harmony class library code throws exceptions of the same runtime class (or a subtype of that runtime class) as the RI, other than in cases where the RI throws non-public types whereupon Harmony will throw an exception with the same public supertype.

Generally, we could refer to the following steps.

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