Harmony Q2 Milestone

Discussions around requirements and goals for the Harmony milestone.

FOCUS ON Stability: being able to run several solid applications successfully and high pass rates for the test suites.


  1. Create compatible implementation of Java SE 5. Reach 100% public API coverage. 100% coverage is the ultimate goal for the project. The current method coverage of Harmony test suites is only about 60%, i.e., almost 40% methods were never touched.

  2. Run reasonable set of applications. This can mean:

  3. Keeping all the enabled apps in the "up" state: Create a list of enabled apps and put them all into cruise control
  4. Running 2-3 open source server-side software. What about JBoss and BEA Weblogic? {see Questions/Opens3}

  5. Running 2-3 open source developers’ tools. What about Eclipse IDE?
  6. Have reasonable testing infrastructure. Setting up necessary testing infrastructure and having near 100% pass rates for the suites we have (already in progress.) Details?

  7. Pass reasonable set of test suites.

  8. Setting up a sequence of developer releases making incremental improvement. {under discussion}

  9. Running some benchmarks and demonstrating reasonable results. {We are using Dacapo and Scimark now.} The reasonable target result: no worse than RI 6.0 (?)


  1. What about commercial software? Some time ago we agreed that it's OK to report failures/regression of commercial software. Should we have them in the "requirements" to our Q2 release?

  2. What platforms/architectures should we use? Suggestions:

  3. Windows/IA32 (currently the most stable platform)
  4. Linux/32 {Geir: Linux is a peer distro for this project. It always has been.}

  5. Windows/x86_64

Proposal: {Stepan Mishura: Focus on architecture rather then OS. Let's say that x86 (Windows/Linux) is our primary focus. And next goal is to be solid on x86-64 architecture.}

  1. Should we use JBoss and BEA server-side software? {see Targets 2}

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