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Harmony Classes Selector Plan


  • For many java desktop application, sometimes they will offer a JRE in the installation package, which may be big. And the project may also customize the jre to be smallest for the application, which cost much effort. We are looking for an automatic tool to find out all classes for the application and build up a smallest JRE for the customer.

    For many our developers, we have EasyMock to cheat coverage tools, such as Emma. The smallest jre can help us to find these cheats, make code more robust.


  • Input: A project with src code and test code, such as MINA. Output: A jre, which is the smallest size.

High level Design

  • The tool can be depart into 2 small sequences:
  • 1 Infomation Collector
    • In this step, we run project unit tests, collect which real classes has been used by these unit tests. These information should be sufficient, we can have lots conclusion for the later use.
    2 Generate smallest jre
    • In this step, we use information collected by step 1, combining with our harmony classes dependences, to build the smallest jre.

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